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"Thorough ... relevant and comprehensive" ★★★★★

Kristeligt Dagblad

"A well-written anthology"


"Solid ... an exceptionally needed publication"

Tone Frank Dandanell, Information

"Interesting and worth reading"

Peter Munk Christiansen, Information

What is the nature of human beings? And how should society be organized?

Behind every political argument some conception answering the above questions lur. These conceptions are often multifaceted and informed by different scientific backgrounds and ideals of what a human being should be.

It is common for these "images of man" to posit their own universality, that is, to think they count for all human beings. But that does not mean they are shared by every human being. Far from it. Instead, they participate in a battle to pass on their own understanding of man to the highest number of people. 

The book is edited by David Budtz Pedersen, Finn Collin og Frederik Stjernfelt.

Joachim Wiewiura has written chapter 12, "The public arena", pp. 359-395.

Kampen om mennesket: Forskellige menneskebilleder og deres grænsestrid, Hans Reitzel, 440 pages.

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